Yes, JOANNEUM RESEARCH (JR) - HEALTH offers cOFM contract research services; based on broad experience, JR offers in vivo pre-clinical studies in animals (mouse, rat and pig) for brain, adipose and skin tissue. JR performs metabolic tests to investigate the pharmacokinetics of active pharmaceutical ingredients when introduced interally, parenterally or topically. JR offers ex vivo studies in explanted human skin donated by individuals undergoing plastic surgery. JR investigates the adsorption and liberation of topically active pharmaceutical ingredients. JR is a one-stop-shop that offers:

  • Study design and protocol
  • Preparation and submission of ethics proposals,
  • Conducting pre-clinical studies (ex-vivo, in-vivo)
  • Laboratory analysis of samples
  • Data analysis and
  • Reporting

JR - HEALTH is EN ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 13485:2012, GLP-Good Laboratory Practice certified. Whatever your scientific questions are, JR will find a solution!